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    Fast and precise
    Software for behavioral profile mapping
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    We are specialize in
    Decodify human behavior
    Our system is validated by important universities with a score record above 97%.
    You answer a non-manipulable questionnaire in only 7 minutes.
    The manager receives a complete online report, with information
    it would usually take years to get.
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    Put the right
    Person in the right place

Solides - Behavioral Tecnology

Solides provide a software to identify the behavioral profile used in the process of hiring, management and development of persons. Made by professionals of the HR, Coach, Educators and Trainers.

The main benefits begotten are the raise of productivity through the adequate adjustment of profile and function, and the reduction of costs with Turnover.

Our methodology innovates blending the main behavioral theories, creating a faster application and a richer report of relevant information. The person responds to a questionary non manipulated in 7 minutes and instantaneously the software returns a complete report about the profile.


The HR Problem

A professional with an annual salary of US$ 50,000 has a basic cost of US$ 16,000 in his/her replacement. This includes hours spent in recruiting and selection, training, productivity loss during training period and while the position is vacant, plus business loss and negative impact on the staff and the market.

We know that people are hired for their hard skills and fired for their behavior.

Ok, you hired people. How do you make them high performance professionals?

The Solution: Profiler

An automated, fast and precise software for behavioral profile mapping. With our software, the applicant answers a non-manipulable questionnaire in only 7 minutes and the manager receives a complete online report, with information it would usually take years to get, for example: how he/she relates to people, reacts to pressure, how the working environment should be to maximize productivity, what the motivating factors are and where he/she will make the most of his/her potential.

Software Features


  • ♦ Solides chooses the best candidate for you make your recruitment process much easier and faster.
  • ♦ Solides identifies the training needs for each employee in your company.
  • ♦ Solides provides feedback to your employees, releasing you from this energy-consuming activity.
  • ♦ Solides gives dozens of tips on how to manage your team. In practice, if you are setting up or evolving an HR department, Profiler Management will do several things for you and deliver results soon enough.
  • ♦ Solides calculates metrics, compiles graphs and reports for you to use in your management, and facilitates your decisions and work, making HR truly strategic and directed towards increasing employee productivity and engagement.
  • ♦ If you do not have an HR, Profiler Management will mount HR for you. If you already have an HR, Solides will free up time for you to act with intelligence and strategy in the company, empowering people.

Main Features

  1. ♦ Behavioral Assessment (Full profile mapping for recruitment and management)
  2. ♦ Complete Employees Records
  3. ♦ Performance Evaluation
  4. ♦ Organizational Weather Research
  5. ♦ Training records
  6. ♦ Recruitment and Selection (process control, flow and nomination of candidates)
  7. ♦ Bank of Resumes
  8. ♦ Integration of the 'Work With Us' section of your company website (candidates register on your site and not on your CV database)
  9. ♦ Record of occurrence history (positive, negative or neutral)
  10. ♦ Positions Engineering (Description Positions and behavioral competences)
  11. ♦ Documentation of HR processes (onboarding and shutdown)
  12. ♦ Organizational culture
  13. ♦ Control of Bank of Hours
  14. ♦ Panel with metrics and graphs on staff, productivity and turnover

Other Features

  1. ♦ Integration with Online Technical Support
  2. ♦ Integration with Google Calendar for the organization of HR activities
  3. ♦ Integration with Linkedin and Facebook for publication of vacancies
  4. ♦ Dynamic employee registration Each person knows about your data, and speeds up data entry.
  5. ♦ Connection via API
  6. ♦ Generation of dynamic data in PDF and Excel (high flexibility)
  7. ♦ Video Tutorial on each screen of the teaching software to use each resource
  8. ♦ EAD for Behavioral Analyst training

Do you know how to reduce your turnover costs and increase your productivity?

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The best of all is that our clients report that they reduced their turnover to an average of 27%.

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